The Best Teeth Whitening In London


If you are seeking the best teeth whitening in London you have come to the right place. You can find laser teeth whitening which will give you instant results in a procedure that only takes about an hour. When you leave your teeth whitening session you will go home with a big smile on your face because, suddenly, you dare to.

The procedure is very straightforward and really very simple. First you will get your teeth cleaned with an activator to prepare your teeth for the process. This will remove any debris and plaque.

Then your teeth are coated with a bleaching agent which, when it is in your mouth, converts to hydrogen peroxide. A mouth guard is then fitted and a high energy blue spectrum halogen light is aimed at and distributed evenly over the teeth for somewhere between five and fifteen minutes. This means that in many cases the whole procedure is completed in half an hour.

The reason that the effect is so dramatic is because the enamel which covers teeth is actually semi-transparent and is covering the dentin which is the inside layer of the tooth. When the enamel is subjected to the laser and hydrogen peroxide, pores in it open up which allows a steady amount of the peroxide to get through to the dentin causing the whitening effect.

The effects usually last for between eighteen months and two years, although a six monthly repeat treatment is recommended if you really want to ensure that healthy white glow.

We are often asked if the treatment can possibly cause damage to the enamel, but many studies have shown that there is no weakening effect on the enamel whatsoever. In fact, this teeth whitening treatment is perfectly safe. Our team of trained technicians have carried out many procedures over the years and you can be sure of the best teeth whitening in London when you book your appointment with us.

Over time, our teeth get stained and discoloured, and you have probably noticed that there are occasions when you want to smile or laugh but try not to do so because of the embarrassment it will cause you. Imagine the freedom you will have when you can laugh out loud – and indeed WANT to do so – so that you can show off your pearly white teeth.

Initial consultations are usually free so that we can assess whether you are suitable for the best teeth whitening in London. Rest assured that most of our patients are suitable candidates and that you can join our every-growing list of happy, confident, smiling clients.


Amazing Teeth Whitening Will Boost You In More Ways Than One

There can be little doubt that teeth whitening in Dublin will boost more than just your smile and your Irish eyes. Instead, after having your teeth whitened you should feel that your confidence soars and you will just generally feel so much better about yourself. Gone are the days of you feeling ashamed of your smile because there is now no need to suffer because thanks to a simple process you too can have that Hollywood glean.

It used to be the case that rich and famous people were the only ones that would have this procedure carried out as they were the ones that wanted to put across a certain image and having non perfect teeth was certainly looked upon as being a major negative. However, thanks to this procedure becoming ever more popular, and being less expensive than you think, everyday people are now getting their teeth whitened so they no longer have to feel ashamed about smiling.

Teeth_whitening_kitsSo what actually happens when you find yourself in the position where you want whiter teeth? Well in all honesty, the first thing that you need to do is avoid those adverts for cheap DIY kits that claim they are an amazing teeth whitening product. In actual fact, to do it correctly you need somebody that is qualified and knows exactly what they are doing. Why? You need to remember that your teeth are actually fragile things and those cheap kits can easily damage the enamel and at that point having whiter teeth will become the least of your worries.

When you have this procedure carried out you will not only feel better about smiling, but you will even feel that your mouth is cleaner and more hygienic as well. You will be able to look in that mirror and not feel bad at what is looking back at you. It is important to remember that people do actually start to form an impression of you by the way you smile and is there anything more horrible than a grimy, slimy smile staring back at you?

So what is left for you to do? The simple answer is to make an appointment with your dentist to allow them to look at your teeth and assess what should happen next. Put your faith in their abilities and know that they really do know what they are doing and realise that amazing teeth whitening really is possible, so put that bad smile behind you once and for all.


How to Survive a Web Design Agency

Most businesses have a website for generating leads and sales, so the design of the website is an important factor for converting visitors to sales. A business will select a particular web design company for it’s website design project after consideration of a number of factors such as price , features offered, past work (or track record), after sales service or warranty.

A web design agency may vary in size from a large business with hundreds of employees to a new start up with just the owner and an assistant. The growth of a web design agency depends to a very great extent on the marketing strategy used, number of customers, and whether they pay on time.

Today, due to recession many businesses are shutting down, and consequently some web design agencies may be forced to lay off employees or temporary workers. So below are my tips on how to survive in a web design agency:

1. Be indispensable to the operation of the web design agency – graphic designers, web designers are needed to design a website, and so will be the last to be sacked in case of downsizing.

2. Learn new skills in addition to your current job profile – this may help you get additional work or take up new assignments, especially when the company is cutting down on staff to reduce operating expenses. Many web design agencies may offer PPC advertising campaign to their website clients, so managing these campaigns to maximize ROI can be an additional skill.

3. Build high quality working relationships with customers, clients and vendors, go out of your way to help them. Be honest with them, trust is important in any long term relationship.

4. Be punctual, follow office rules and do not take too many unplanned leaves. Be the person who your boss relies on, try to solve all the problems yourself, instead of troubling seniors repeatedly.


Amazing Masterpieces of Art Found in Munich


This is probably the craziest story I’ve heard all year in 2013 and the nuts thing is that this guy was actually found by German authorities in 2011. This 80 year old crazy Nazi dude had over ¬£850 million worth of amazing, beautiful Wall Art from the Classical Masters. The likes of Edvard Munch, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Marc Chagall stashed away in his Munich apartment.

Seemingly the works of art were bought from Jews desperate to escape Germany during Adolf Hitler’s time. Incredible to think that there are possibly 1400 effectively new masterpieces from some of the influential artists of our time. It just blows the mind.

The nutty Nazi, otherwise known as Cornelius Gurlitt is a recluse and lived in an apartment in Munich. He was selling some of the paintings to make a living its reported. Naturally Mr Gurlitt, the descendant of a bunch of hateful asshats if not actually one himself is demanding all the paintings be returned to him – they are his only source of pleasure allegedly. Well it’s good to know that at least they weren’t all just gathering dust lying unappreciated¬† in a pile of donkey turds.

You can read more about this in the paper here


Just Say Blow Redux

Welcome along to the all new look Just Say Blow. This is my new blog where I intend to write about whatever comes into my mind. Sometimes that will be about medical advances or general interest about medicine. Sometimes it’ll be about technology or gadgets and tools. Sometimes I may even write about soppy stuff or the latest film I’ve seen if I have a point to make.

I’ll definitely be writing about business and management. So basically this will be probably the blog on the Internet that breaks all the rules when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t do but I don’t give a monkeys funky.

Climb aboard the mad house express and unleash the monkeys of word war!